Through various transformation processes in this chain, we are able to add value to salt.
From the fluorite extracted from the mines, hydrofluoric acid—the main raw material for all cooling gases and specialized polymers (anti adherent coatings).
We are present throughout Latin America with our PVC pipes and joints, that bring development and well-being to millions of people.
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Variación unitaria +0.14 Máximo 50.07
Variación % +0.28 Mínimo 49.20
Apertura 49.20 P. Compra 49.61
Cierre anterior 49.61 P. Venta 49.71
Importe 112,739,672 Vol. Compra 200
Volúmen 2,265,087 Vol. Venta 1,357

2012 highlights

Autorización AFM Wavin
Mexichem informa que la Autoridad Holandesa para los Mercados Financieros (Authority for the financial markets “AFM”) ha dado la autorización para realizar la oferta pública por el 100% de las acciones de Wavin N.V


reportes anualesAnnual reports

reportes cuatrimestralesQuarterly reports

Preliminary results - First quarter 2012

The company reports that the figures for the first quarter of 2012 once again show historical levels. Sales are estimated to total $13.5 billion pesos—11% above the same quarter of 2011-–and EBITDA $3.0 billion pesos —a 16% YOY increase.


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